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Baby quiz

A baby game combines cute baby facts with head scratching questions to give eyebrow lifting results.

Use this quiz for an upcoming baby shower or a girls get together. This trivia game will test the skills of even the savviest baby .

How many is the most surviving children from a single birth?

When does a baby get its fingerprints?

In Turkish Tradition, a pregnant woman is not allowed to do any of the following except...

How many average diapers will a child go through from birth to being potty trained?

Which of the following is not a natural born reflex of a baby?

How many other people does the average child share his/her birthday with?

During pregnancy how much larger does a woman's uterus stretch?

A baby is born around the world...

The average toddler will take how many steps a minute?

Babies recognize its mother's voice at birth, how long does it take a baby to recognize its father's voice?